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  1. What To Expect In An Indian Tiger Safari

    2022-03-09 00:59:30 UTC

    Many travellers dream of seeing an Indian Tiger in the wild. It is something that you’d pray you will not miss!  It is indeed a thrilling experience to spot a tiger in the wild, but you will enjoy your trip more if you acquaint yourself with few expectations. In this…

  2. Snow leopard: Everything you need to know about the ghosts of mountains

    2021-10-28 09:10:00 UTC

    Male snow Leopard Unlike their relatives including lion, tiger, cat, etc. snow leopards can’t roar so their prey can’t hear them till they face them. These are also called ghosts of mountains; however, their scientific name is Pantera unica and also known as the Ounce. Although there are two…

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